Fiona Ivanov and Andrei Tchernikov, the people behind 'hungry pictures' believe that food should be depicted as it is. They want to show what's around - and behind - food and are not afraid to let that context, when necessary, interfere. Composition, framing, sensitive and exacting use of colours and light reveal beauty. Room for imagination can enhance it. Emotion in pictures comes alive when coincidence and intuition are part of it.

Trained as both a philosopher and a professional nutritionist, Fiona Ivanov started her career where everybody who wants to know more about food should start: as a chef in a restaurant. By now, she has seen and done almost everything in the world of eating. Fiona is well-known for her all-round knowledge of food, her original recipes, her lively writing and her aesthetic view.

Andrei doesn't feel the need to spend words on himself or his pictures, his pictures can speak for themselves.


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